Figure Skating Class (Ages 7-17)

This class will focus on power, core strength, posture, edges, arm placement, stamina and crossovers. We’ll also touch on moves in the field, jumps and spins. Includes 30 minutes of dry land training. This class is open to Basic Levels 5-6, Pre-freeskate and Freeskate 1-5.

  • Member: $70
  • Non-member: $100

$20 waitlist fee as of Dec 31

Saturdays, 11:00am-Noon

  • Jan 13-Feb 17
  • March 3-April 14
  • April 23-June 2


Mini Clinics

In these clinics, we focus on transitioning to figure skating from Learn to Skate. Clinics include off-ice instruction, on-ice skill level appropriate instruction, artistic interpretation to music and more. Mini Clinics are open to Basic Levels 3-Freeskate 3.

  • Member: $15
  • Non-member: $20

March 31, 9:00-11:00am (9:15-10:15am on-ice; 10:15-11:00am off-ice)



Figure Skating Fundamentals (Ages 6-17)

This class is open to Basic Skills levels 5 through Freeskate or equivalent skill level. The focus of this class will be edgework, power stroking, crossovers, proper skating posture, interpretive skating and level appropriate jump and spin techniques.

Wednesdays, June 13-July 25

No class July 4

Arapahoe Y

  • Member: $70
  • Non-member: $100

$20 waitlist fee as of May 31


Figure Skating Clinic

We will offer a Figure Skating Clinic this year for Basic 5 level through pre-juvenile. During the off-ice portion of this camp, we will offer a variety of dance and figure skating conditioning classes, which will include instruction in stretching, core strength, proper skating posture and artistic interpretation. The on-ice portion will offer training in edges, moves in the field, stroking, artistry, choreography and level appropriate jump and spin instruction. Please bring a snack.

Arapahoe Y

  • Member: $150
  • Non-member: $190

$20 waitlist fee as of May 31 for June clinic; June 30 for July clinic; July 20 for Aug clinic

Monday-Thursday, 1:00-5:00pm

  • June 11-14
  • July 16-19
  • Aug 6-9


Private Ice Skating Lessons

We offer private skating lessons for recreational and figure skaters. Lessons are offered during our rec skate times or freestyle times depending on skill level.

Private Lessons

  • Member: $28
  • Non-member: $34

Semi-Private Lessons

  • Member: $20 (per person)
  • Non-member: $25 (per person)

Call 303-443-4474 ext. 6203 or email to sign up for private lessons. 

Ice Department: Figure Skating & Learn to Skate

303-443-4474 ext. 6203