The YMCA of Boulder Valley and Natural Grocers present the 21 Day Challenge, a free nutrition-focused program that will help you reset your body to healthier eating patterns. With the help of Natural Grocers nutrition staff and YMCA wellness pros, participants will have plenty of support as they challenge their status quo and adopt healthier habits throughout the month of April.

Participating in the 21 Day Challenge will take hard work, will power and determination. But you are worth the effort! We truly believe that if you choose to put your body through this program, you will likely lose weight and fat, become healthier and teach your body to desire what it needs. You will create long-lasting, easy-to-maintain lifestyle habits that will not interfere with your family or social life.

And you will feel better, have more energy and find life balance.

Participants will attend weekly meetings, meet with Natural Grocers staff to review grocery lists and gain nutrition insight and enjoy fitness tips from YMCA staff. A Natural Grocers discount will be given to 21 Day Challenge participants. 


Mondays, April 2-23, 6:00-7:00pm
Mary Calaci, CN, NHC Certified Nutritionist and Nutritional Health Coach at Longmont Natural Grocers


Tuesdays, April 3-24, Noon-1:00pm
With Helen Dohrman, CN Certified Nutritionist and Nutritional Health Coach at Lafayette Natural Grocers


Thursdays, April 5-26, Noon-1:00pm
With Aryn Doll, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Nutritional Health Coach at Boulder Natural Grocers