Pilates Reformer at the Y provides members with strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance — and it’s easier than ever to get access to those body-balancing classes. New simplified levels make it effortless to know which class will work best for you. And now, the Y is offering drop-in Pilates Reformer classes. That means members can either sign up early for a six-class program or they can drop in to classes that fit their busy schedule.

Pilates Reformer Level 1

These classes will orient you to the Pilates Reformer and help you set up your reformer with proper placement of the carriage, foot bar, straps, box and resistance. You will learn proper Pilates breathing and alignment, imprinting and placement of the torso and feet.

Pilates Reformer Level 2

After completing the level 1 class, you are now ready to take your Pilates journey to the next level. These classes will build on your Pilates Reformer knowledge and help you build strength, endurance and coordination. Using the fundamental knowledge of Pilates Reformer you will establish the building blocks needed to advance to level 3 of Pilates Reformer.

Pilates Reformer Level 3

For students who are proficient in the basic Pilates principles, the level 3 class will challenge your strength, endurance and coordination as well as increase the pace, focus on smooth transitions and deepen the core work.

Senior Pilates Reformer Drop-In

Many older adults find that their balance, flexibility and endurance have diminished over time. A regular Pilates practice can help these issues, and many older adults are amazed at the improvement in core strength and endurance they experience after just a few classes. Plus, this is a great class to meet new friends.

Drop-in Class Schedule

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