The Arapahoe Y pool will be closed Sept 22 (noon)-Oct 3 for bubble installation. The Arapahoe Y will be closed for annual maintenance Oct 1-3.


Reach Your Wellness Goals With Us

In the YMCA Weight Loss Program, participants make small, modest changes to behavior and form sustainable, healthy habits. The program is designed for people who are seeking a healthier weight and who want support as they set and achieve goals. It offers a small group setting where participants can connect, learn and grow together. Participants will weigh-in, track food and activity, and create SMART goals each week. For ages 18+.

What sets the YMCA Weight Loss Program apart from other weight-loss programs? Rather than focusing on specific or restrictive short-term solutions, this program helps participants build skills for successful lifestyle changes and empowers them to self-design their action plans.

We will launch classes at the Longmont and Arapahoe Ys in early 2019.

The class meets 1 hour a week for 12 weeks. Each week, the group will focus on different topics:

  • Session 1: Get to know each other and yourself.
  • Session 2: Get to know your environment
  • Session 3: Goal setting
  • Session 4: Putting it all together
  • Session 5: Understanding food choices
  • Session 6: Physical activity
  • Session 7: Mindfulness
  • Session 8: Positive psychology
  • Session 9: Stress and sleep
  • Session 10: All foods fit
  • Session 11: Sustaining your progress
  • Session 12: Celebrating your achievements

Mapleton Y

Wednesdays, Oct 3-Jan 23, 11:00am-noon

  • Members: $100
  • Non-members: $285