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2018/2019 school year BVSD Lifelong Learning programming to be announced.

In the meantime, check out BVSD Lifelong Learning Summer Camps!


Looking for an after-school program that will take your child to new places, help them build empires and introduce them to mythical creatures? Well, we just happen to have the perfect option. Offered at multiple Boulder Valley elementary schools, the Y offers LEGO enrichment classes during after-school hours. Participants build creativity and castles, self-esteem and spaceships, wonder and worlds made of little plastic blocks. 

YMCA LEGO Star Wars (K-5th Grade) 

Join us in this classical universe as we explore new story lines and participants help to build new planets and use the LEGO force to guide the hero to safety, all while saving the princess and battling the empire. In this Y LEGO class, we will build classic Star Wars ships and scenes from the movie. We will then encourage new creations and creatures that could exist in the Star Wars universe. Will you be drawn by Darth Vader and the forces of evil or ultimately prevail by listening to Yoda and using the force?

YMCA LEGO Movie Making (K-5th Grade)

Lego’s are amazing, and you can build anything with them, but what if you could make them come alive. In this fun and exciting LLL class, students will use the magic of stop-motion animation to film their creations and make them come alive. Projects will include screen writing, story boarding, filming and editing. Each student will be emailed a copy of their movie creations to share with their friend and families. Let the future Hollywood directors get started in this fun and engaging class!

YMCA LEGO Minecraft (K-5th Grade)

Experience the world of Minecraft with LEGOs. Kids will start by crafting their shelters and some of the mobs, critters and tools using LEGOs. Then they will face numerous challenges to save their characters from creepers, zombies, and other dangerous elements. Students will create amazing models and craft key elements from the popular Minecraft game.

YMCA LEGO Beyond the Stars (K-5th Grade) 

The realm of space is largely unexplored and unknown, despite the amount of planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies we know about. It makes us wonder, what is really up there? Are we truly alone in the universe? In this clinic, students will be encouraged to use their imagination and potential Star Wars sets to surmise what may actually be out there? Are there space battles we don’t know about going on?  Are there other species far more technologically advanced than us? The realm of space contains unlimited possibilities through the world of LEGO. We will design ecosystems, worlds, stars, even galaxies! It is up to you to decide who and what are out there!


Looking for an after-school program that will get your child moving, engaged and ready to bend it like Beckham? Offered at multiple BVSD schools, the Y offers a variety of sports-centric enrichment classes during after-school hours. While fun is the emphasis, participants also learn technique and teamwork, sportsmanship and skill.

YMCA Basketball (K-5th Grade)

This introductory camp focuses on skill building to help your child grow and develop in the game of basketball. There will be scrimmages and fun competitions mixed in to keep your child moving forward. Teamwork, ball handling, shooting, passing and fun are daily components of camp. Participants should wear athletic clothing.

YMCA Indoor Soccer (K-5th Grade)

Experience the skills and drills designed especially for budding soccer players. Our program is designed to meet each player at their current level of play and provide opportunities to increase their individual skills. Through participation in drills and games, players learn sportsmanship, how to work as a team and build relationships with other players. There will be breaks in the routine for fun gym games and re-fueling activities. We’ll also have short playoffs with a focus on good sportsmanship. Participants will be separated into age appropriate groups.

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Lifelong Learning Refund/Cancel Policy: If you need to cancel a class registration for any reason, you must do so at least seven days prior to the class start date to receive a refund minus a cancellation fee (15% of the cost of the class). There will be no refunds six or less days prior to the start of class. If a class is canceled by Lifelong Learning, a full refund will be given.

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